This blog was an accident.

I really wanted to get involved in book reviews and the book blogging community, but I didn't think I had the time. I started podcasting with Vilate at Young Adult Literature Review Blog and writing some sporadic reviews (I go by Rose over there). Then, that wasn't enough for me. I wanted to share more about my love of books, but still didn't think I had the time to blog regularly.

Enter twitter.

Twitter was a great way for me to review books in miniature. I could take 15 minutes a day to post about some of my favorite books and get immediate responses from others who enjoyed the books. I never expected to be able to interact with authors (um, why the heck would they respond to me?), but I have! It's been awesome to be part of the twitter community.

After awhile, I realized I needed to have a place where all my previous recommendations were listed. I mean, who was going to look through all my tweets to find my recommendations? Not me. Not you. So, I started this blog solely for the purpose of keeping track of my recommendations.

Yeah, that worked well. ;)

As I'm sure many other book fanatics can relate, I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted to start getting on ARC tours and receiving galleys so I could review some of the cool upcoming books...but I needed a real blog to do that.

Ta da!

That's how the blog was made. I started making actual posts and regular book reviews so I could get in on all the cool book action. With a desire to live up to the blog name (book of the day), I enlisted Emily as a reviewer. She's such a great asset to YA Book of the Day, I couldn't be happier to have her join me.