Review Policy

Thanks for checking out the review policy! I appreciate you taking the time to find out what books I prefer to read.

Genres I Read

Young Adult:  I read everything except non-fiction. I tend to pick up fantasy novels (all types) and books with romantic elements, but I do read and enjoy all other types of YA fiction. Some of my favorite books and authors are literary or contemporary YA. Additionally, I do enjoy dark themes, though that's also not a requirement.

Middle Grade:  I'm a bit pickier with middle grade. It almost always has to have some kind of fantasy element, but I will decide on a case-by-case basis.

About Reviews

All of my book reviews are my honest opinions. I may comment on both positive and negative aspects of the books. Any negative comments are not personal towards the author, but a genuine reflection of my experience of the book. 

Please check out a few reviews already posted in order to get a feel for my style before requesting a review.

Contact Me

If you are a publisher, author, or reviewer and want to contact me about reviewing a book, please email me at yabotd [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject REVIEW.