Chrissy is a postdoctoral fellow in clinical psychology who spends her free time reading, writing, and loving all things YA. At any point in time, you can find YA books littering her dresser, nightstand, windowsill, coffee table, and desk, much to her roommate's chagrin. She keeps a book in every purse because you never know when you'll get a free second to read (or what purse you'll be using) and is trying to convert to a digital library so her book mess stays more contained. She also really likes using smiley face emoticons, exclamation points, and including extraneous information in parentheses. :D

Rochester, NY (yes, there is a part of New York state that is completely separate and far away from NYC)

"Real" Job:
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dream Jobs:
Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist
YA Author

Books Always on her Nightstand:

Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
I am continuously rereading the series that got me back into books. The magic of the world, characters, and story compels me to read them over and over again. I'm beginning to think J. K. Rowling is a witch and wasn't lying about that spell that made you read a book forever.

Favorite YA Authors 
Too many to name. The great thing about reading so frequently is that I'm always falling in love with new authors and books. Ask me about my favorite book or author and I'll give you a different answer every time. 

Why YA?
There's just something about the adolescent age that makes everything so raw and electric. Everything is new, fresh, and happening for the very first time. I love reading these experiences and revisiting them in my mind. Plus, I haven't lost the young adult within myself. 


Emily Bedwell is a lover of all things written. She can quote Shakespeare and Maureen Johnson in the same sentence and not think a thing about it. All her earliest memories involve reading books, writing stories and sharing those stories with others. When she was a teenager, all she wanted to do was read "grown up" books. Now that she's an adult, she loves nothing more than sitting down with a YA book and getting lost in another time, another place or another world.

Bloomington, Indiana

"Real" Job:
Business & Communications Manager

Dream Job:
Children's/YA Librarian & Author

Books Always on Her Nightstand:

The Giver by Lois Lowry
This is one of my favorite books. I read it at least once a year. There is something so powerful about Jonas, the Giver and the world in which they live. This is the first true dystopian I remember reading, and it still haunts me to this day.

On Writing by Stephen King
King's memoir on how he became a writer is so simple and so profound at the same time. It's not a traditional writing book, but it reminds me that there is a reason why I love good books, and why I want to write good books. There is a point where he talks about life supporting art that changed the way I viewed so much of what I do in my life.

Favorite YA Authors:
The list is too long to write, but I love Kiersten White, Maureen Johnson, Stephanie Perkins, Andrea Cremer, Beth Revis, Maggie Stiefvater, Aprillyne Pike and so many more!

Why YA?
There is something about YA literature that speaks to me. These are quality books that tell real stories, and they tell them in unique ways. There is drama, and there is darkness, but there is also laughter and light. I think there is something redeeming about YA literature -- for the characters, the authors and the readers.

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