Monday, November 28, 2011

dancergirl UPDATE

Last week, I posted a review of dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman. In the review, I stated my confusion that dancergirl was the beginning of the WiHi series. To me, it seemed like Ali's story was complete and I couldn't understand how the series would continue with the same thriller feel.

Being the lovely author she is, Ms. Tanzman emailed me with a clarification:

"It's actually a LINKED series, meaning the setting is the same (Ali's high school WiHi) but the main characters will be different in Circle Of Silence. There will be some appearances by characters in dancergirl -- but they are very minor. It was sort of tagged as a series so that readers would understand that they are thrillers."

This makes perfect sense now. A series of YA cool is that? You bet I'll be all over Circle of Silence once it's released. :D

If you blog, tweet, facebook, or talk to people (really, any way of sharing information will do), please spread the word about the WiHi series so other book enthusiasts know. 

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