Monday, August 29, 2011

Confessions of a Sidekick Swooner

Lately, I've been reading a lot of YA fantasy books with romance. After being crushed several times, I've come to this conclusion:  I fall for the wrong freaking dude. 

That's right, I love the sidekick. The funny guy who may be slightly immature but can always bring a smile to the main character's face (and mine). The guy who is no less protective than the main dude, but manifests his protective nature in a different way. The guy who makes me roll my eyes when he does something stupid (which, he inevitably does) or snort while reading because he's absolutely absurd.

That's my guy. :D

Yeah, sure, the brooding bad boy is cool too and I've fallen for my fair share of them, but pit against a funny, immature friend...chances are my loyalties are towards the sarcastic sidekick. 

So, this week is for the funny man. The one who wins my heart but never the heroine's. I'll be posting about three awesome dudes who don't have the girl (yet) that I root for anyway. Make sure to check out the posts and vote for your favorite guy. 

Who are your favorite romantic leads? Do you go for the bad boy or does the funny man steal your heart too?


  1. Oh I have a bad boy habit. BUT I love the funny guy also. For instance..all my fellow Booknerds loved Vincent in Die for Me by Amy Plum, and so did I, what wasnt to love, but mostly I loved Jules. He was funny ..who doesnt love a guy who can make you laugh?

  2. "who doesn't love a guy who can make you laugh?"

    Exactly! In DIE FOR ME, I wasn't particularly pulled either way by Vincent or Jules. I like them both just fine, but I think I need a book two to really see who I like (which is unusual for me).

    I like bad boys too. I just tend to like funny boys more. :D