Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heart-Breaker #1: Logan Keeley

Let's start off this week's sidekick/funny man celebration with:

Logan Keeley from SHADE by Jeri Smith-Ready

**SPOILER LEVEL:  Minimal**

Logan Keeley is Aura's boyfriend at the beginning of Shade. He's described as having a lanky build and spiky bleached hair with black streaks. He's the singer/guitar player for his family's Irish band, The Keeley Brothers. His character is so fully fleshed out, he jumped out at me from the moment he came onto the page. Instant love. 

Logan's on the brink of greatness. He has an amazing family, loves his girlfriend, and is about to break into the music industry with all his talent. Then he's an idiot and dies. *bangs head on desk* Freaking breaks my heart. 

BUT! He's still around as a ghost. And he still loves Aura. 

Given the difficulty of being with the dead, I completely understand why Logan doesn't remain the main love interest. His story is a tragedy and Aura needs to move on with living people. That said, I can't get behind Zach when Logan's still present, even if it is in ghost form. Sure, Logan's impulsive, immature, and has a little bit of a temper. BUT! He's in a difficult situation (have any of you ever tried being a ghost?). He doesn't know how to handle it. He's watching the love of his life start to get closer to another guy. 

If being dead isn't hard enough, watching everyone try to move on while you're still there (kind of) has to be torture. 

Is he immature? Yes. Does he make some terrible decisions? Absolutely. Do I love him any less? Nope. Logan's got that rare kind of energy that's infectious. When he's happy or excited, it's impossible to not join him. There are so many moments that make me fall in love with him, but I don't want to be too spoilery. Let's just say, he clearly loves Aura with all his heart.

Now, what about the competition? Zachary Moore is a great guy. He's kind and considerate. He tries to help Aura through losing Logan and is always there for her. Is he a good guy? Sure. The problem:  I can't get Logan out of my head. In this case, I do actually want Aura to get with Zach because being with a ghost isn't healthy. *helpful advice* However, it's almost painful for me to read. I need Logan to move on, so my heart can go to Zach. (Hmmm...sounds like Aura's dilemma too.)

Oh, and Dylan Keeley is pretty cool too. *smiles*

With all due respect to Team Kilt, Keeley Brothers FTW!


  1. Whose Team am I on? I have the same problem you do. I love Logan, what isnt to love? A punk rocker with a guitar is my downfall in life. BUT I want him to pass on, I want to love Zach, and I know I can if Logan was out of the picture. Oh and Hey..Dylan...I didn care less about Dylan until the moment in the Prom limo when he got on the phone with Zach. I wanted to cheer..and he stole just a small piece of my heart at that moment!

  2. :D I always liked Dylan, but that's where he won me over too.

  3. Logan brings out a completely irrational, over protective side of me. I don't think I've ever felt this way about any character before. He literally breaks my heart into tiny pieces just thinking about it. And yes, I am aware he's a fictional boy - but my heart breaks anyway.
    I know that Zachary is right for Aura (*gasp* even if Logan lived I still think he's better for Aura) but I just can't bring myself to be Team Zach while it makes Logan unhappy.
    Logan is impulsive and selfish and so freaking full of love and loyalty he almost can't contain it all and sometimes that doesn't come out right. I just can't hold it against a guy for loving his girlfriend so much that he does everything possible to get back to her.
    As for saying he should just let her go because he's dead - I think he has had reason to believe that he can come back with Aura's help. Who wouldn't hold on to that hope?
    Logan doesn't need the accent - he has heart.
    <3 Team Logan!!

  4. Karen -- yes, Yes, YES! Totally agree. Logan breaks my heart in a way no other fictional character has. Though I disagree with you on one point...if he hadn't died, I'd still want him to be with Aura. They'd need to work on their communication issues a little, but that scene in the courtroom at the end of SHADE made me certain they could've made it work.

    Alas...death gets in the way. Zach is great for Aura, I'll admit, but I need Logan to move on first. I can't stand them together while Logan watches. My heart breaks.

  5. Oh these #SHADEboys! They break my heart. Of course I voted for Zach but Logan & Dylan both have a piece of my heart. Jeri has certainly written us some wonderful characters that just simply have grabbed hold of our hearts and won't let go. :)