Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bonus Post: I Become a Complete FanGirl

I usually don't post on Sunday, but I think an announcement as big as this requires it.




I'm in LOVE! 

Absolutely, adoringly, disgustingly, nauseatingly in love with Forever Young Adult. I don't know how I hadn't found their website before, but oh my Tod, I'm glad I found it now. It covers the the best of YA literature, plus all related mediums (ie, young adult books made into films and television shows).

Aaaaaand...they have a super sassy voice that covers the sophistication of adulthood (*snort*) with the quick tongue of the young. I love that their bio pics include them reading a young adult book with adult beverages at hand. That's just downright amusing.

Plus, they have one of the most original and useful (um, and hilarious!) rating scales ever. You need to check them out.



  1. This blog looks pretty awesome. I think my blog partner mentioned them because she loved their tagline. A little more Y than A. That is so me ! I am going to follow them.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. With a tagline like that, how could you go wrong? I'm a follower too, though my proclamation of fangirldom probably already told you that. ;)

  3. Their blog is pretty much single-handedly responsible for me discovering the YA blog community!

  4. Jen, it's pretty great. I can't believe I'd gone so long without knowing about it. :D