Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cover Copies

I absolutely love looking at book covers. I could sit in a book store all day looking at each and every one. There is such a range between strikingly beautiful images to stock random body parts (you know the ones I'm talking about). The cover can tell you so much from the genre to the tone. It can make me want to pick up a book or make me hesitate. The point is, there is lots of variety.

Which is why it's funny when I see covers that appear so similar.

Now, I'm not talking about the stock body part books. We've all seen the photographed girls with their heads chopped off or random legs dangling on the cover. I'm talking about the other ones. The ones that would appear very original if not paired up against each other.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Both As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott and Fury by Elizabeth Miles are Fall 2011 releases. To be fair, they aren't completely similar. However, the coloring, combined with the hair turning into fire is pretty distinctive. And they both share it. For Tod's sake, the authors even share the same first name.

Fateful by Claudia Gray and Hurricane by Jenna-Lynne Duncan are being released within about a month of each other. In each we have a girl with her back to us, long hair falling down her back, looking out at the water. It seems to be about the same time of night with similar coloring in each cover.

This pairing really gets me. Just look at the body positioning. Sure, they aren't in the exact same pose and their hair is blowing in different directions, but come on. The door on the Hourglass cover is in the same place as the wall of water on the Imaginary Girls cover. They were even released on the exact same day! (June 14, 2011) Craziness.

Anyone else seen similar cover pairings lately?


  1. So many book covers look the same now that I'm not sure what I've read already anymore.
    This is really an issue for me with adult UF but it happens with all genres.

  2. Yeah, it can definitely be problematic.