Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heart-Breaker #3: Tod Hudson

Last, but absolutely not least, Heart-Breaker #3:

Tod Hudson from SOUL SCREAMERS series by Rachel Vincent

**SPOILER LEVEL:  Moderate (through book 3ish)**

Tod Hudson is your friendly, neighborhood, grim reaper. Okay, so maybe he's not always so friendly, or neighborly, but he is a reaper. He's described as having curly blond hair, bright blue eyes, and "cherubic lips." He was a bean sidle before death, so his eyes do that cool swirly thing too. Tod has a wicked sense of humor and specializes in showing up at the most annoying time. I swear the line, "Damn it, Tod!" is Nash's most uttered phrase.

Oh my Tod, the ways in which I heart you. First, did I mention he's hilarious? He's got that quick witted humor that makes me laugh out loud. If taken seriously, his words would make him sound like a serious jerk, but he's not. Being a reaper takes some emotional strength and I suspect Tod uses humor to deal with it.

Second, Tod may come off as a jerk sometimes, but he's incredibly protective of those he loves. Example, he went to the Netherworld to help save his ex-girlfriend's soul. When he couldn't do it, he spent time with her soul everyday to help keep her sane. Also, have you read REAPER? What is more self-sacrificing than that? Tod wasn't always this protective of Kaylee, but she doesn't need him to be. He's her friend and she can handle herself, for the most part. That said, he's always there to help when she asks and he has become more careful of putting her in danger. He stands up for her against Nash, but doesn't fight her battle for her.

Third, I love the curse potential with his name. "For the love of Tod," "Oh my Tod," "For Tod's sake," "For all that is Tod and holy," are some of my favorites (*not in the books). Honestly, after reading the books, I went around randomly saying "Damn it, Tod!" to all my siblings and friends (*in the books). Hilarious.

Tod hasn't been a romantic interest in the books, but I'm hoping that changes with IF I DIE. He is totally swoonworthy and I'd love to see him with Kaylee. He's not a total bad boy, but not a complete sweep-you-off-your-feet good guy either. He's your hilarious friend that you begin to realize is hot and not such a bad guy to be with.

Let's end with a picture, yes?

Um, yeah. *wins my heart*

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