Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heart-Breaker Recap

I hope you all had as much fun with my sidekick/funny man week as I did. It was great to get your feedback and discussion about some of my favorite characters. You all are a passionate group, that's for sure.

As I suspected, most of the votes were against me (or, my team, I should say).

Heart-Breaker #1:
Dylan 6%
Logan 19%
Zachary 76%

No surprises here. Zachary didn't make it to the finals of the YA Crush Tournament for nothing. I suspected most votes would go to him, but I'm proud of the Team Logan and also the support for Dylan. :D Totally didn't expect him to get the votes, but glad he did.

Heart-Breaker #2:
Ash 75%
Puck 25%

Also, no surprises here. Ash is a great character, whom I also love dearly. However, I hadn't yet read Summer's Crossing at the point I wrote this post. Oh man, do I love Puck even more or what?

Heartbreaker #3:
Nash 28%
Tod 72%

Aaaaand....holy Tod am I glad he won! :D I suspect this has a lot to do with his potential for being a romantic interest in the next book. Again, pointing to the YA Crush Tournament, I wasn't surprised at this outcome.

So? What can I make of these results?

I stand by my first conclusion: I fall for the wrong freaking dude...most of the time. But that's okay. I'll keep my sidekicks, my funny men, my heartbreakers. If you don't want them, more for me!

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